“This Charming Man”

This Charming Man is an exhibition of functional ceramic vessels, including whisky, wine, coffee and tea cups, as well as experimental sculptural work investigating the complexities of an overwhelmingly ‘masculine’ sports culture within Australia.

Artist Katie Jacobs has contrasted traits typically valued within sports, such as “Hard” or “Tough”, with sentiments such as “Fallible” or “Gentle”, which she thinks are equally as manly. These are inscribed on ceramic trophies and garden planters. Some trophies list hyper-specific achievements, like “Adept With Power Tools”, or “Awesome at Sleeping”.

Jacobs has also hand-made tributes to mass-produced “World’s Greatest Dad” or “Gone Fishing” mugs, as well as a series of tasteful whisky and wine tumblers.

This Charming Man is on display at Corner Store Merchants, an amazing store with its very own gallery at 220 Barker Street, Castlemaine, 3450, Victoria. Corner Store Merchants is open Tuesday to Friday 10am – 5pm, Saturday 10am -4pm. Up until September 23rd.

This Charming Man, Katie Jacobs Exhibition Promo Shot 2016


Exhibition opening August 4th

Trophy Image for Di Mase

No Such Thing as Social Sport

Window Exhibition by Artist Katie Jacobs

Opens 4th August – runs to 1st September

Anthony DiMase Architects

342 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy

Melbourne, Victoria, 3068

Katie Jacobs is a ceramicist/artist/designer from Melbourne, Australia, who is inspired by various obsessions with popular culture, iconography and the Australian identity. Through her artwork, she investigates this creation of cultural, national and social identity through the broad use of the narrative.

“No Such Thing as Social Sport” investigates the sporting rituals of Australia, revealing a cultural obsession that borders on fetishistic. Katie’s father once broke a low-hanging light while cheering for an Essendon victory goal.

For this exhibition, she has focussed on collecting sporting language and sayings used by sports fans, commentators and players. Katie’s indoor soccer teammate Alex once told her in no uncertain terms, that there’s “No Such Thing as Social Sport”. She uses the vehicle of the trophy – a symbol of sporting achievement – to highlight invisible structures underlying sports culture, revealing what sentiments we value within and beyond this arena.


The Now! Body

“The Now! Body – A One Night, Life Changing, All-over Body Xtreme New Power Revolution”takes fitness culture to the extreme to draw attention to and make light of its tropes. Christina Weaver, Nathan Perry and Katie Jacobs examine the underlying ideas of instant gratification, body-image and self-improvement in Western culture.

“The Now! Body” investigates the all-encompassing nature of graduate school and the difficulty of including sports practice in any contemporary busy lifestyle.

“The Now! Body”is an interactive installation which encourages participation in a two hour fitness video which promises to entirely overhaul your physical health (implicitly failing to deliver this promise).

Christina Weaver, Katie Jacobs and Nathan Perry will be facilitators and participants of a remixed fitness video shouting encouragements, performing and enacting the movements described in the projected video. Exhibition visitors are encouraged to focus on enjoying the moment, moving one’s body and enjoying the silliness and celebratory nature of “Exhibition as Party”. The performative nature of the gym will be examined through the use of over-the-top movements, speeded up high-intensity soundtracks to the video and before and after photographs of exhibition visitors uploaded to a live website.

The Fuller Projects is located at McCalla School at 525 E. 9th Street, Bloomington, IN (corner of 10th and Indiana).

The exhibition opens 28th February 2014, from 7.30pm until 9.30pm.

Lycra is very much encouraged. You may borrow gym gear (t-shirts and some leggings, shorts available), or bring your own. Gym mats, 1 pound weights to borrow and “The Now! Body” Sports Drink will be provided. For more information and images, see www.thenowbody.tumblr.com

Christina Weaver’s Statistics

Weight: 143 lbs
Goal Weight: 142.5 lbs
Height: 5’10”
Measurements: 34-29-36
Diets: Phase 3 South Beach Diet, The Don’t-Eat-For-A-Couple-Days Slimdown
Skills: Indoor Short-Range Bow Enthusiast (3.2 lb)
Extended Pull-up Bar Hang (13 seconds)
Christina Weaver has been attempting workout videos since 2001.


Katie Jacobs’ Statistics

Weight: Haven’t checked since 1992 when it was 52 kgs/115 lbs.
Goal Weight: 7 lbs (birth weight)
Measurements: 35-29-42
Diets: The “Its Friday night so I can drink a 2L Coke and eat a pizza and watch tv because I’m 19 right?” Diet and the Post-Christmas Leftover Diet
Skills: Triple Jump, Clay Wedging (1 pound), Vocal Warm-ups
Katie Jacobs loves social team sports.


Nathan Perry’s Statistics

Weight: 233 lbs
Goal Weight: 195 Lbs
Measurements: 47-46-46
Height: 5’8”
Skills: 11 Drunk-Clap-Push-Ups, 16” calves
Diets: Cabbage Soup, Vegan, Vegetarian
Fitness Video of Choice: The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout
Nathan Perry dreams of pizza.

Wolf Head (with sound)

I made this sculpture of a wolf head from ceramics, with sound recordings of humans at a tailgate field emitting from it. I wanted to make an analogy with humans getting drunk and playful and bonding, but also sounding lonely and desperate…like a wolf howling for its friends, or using its mournful sound for communication and to place itself in a context with other wolves. Why howl, if not for locating oneself within a community.