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Press Release: “In the spirit of Movember, artists Katie Jacobs and Brittany Veitch take inspiration from iconic Australian beards in the group art exhibition Beardo!

Their work, Beards Down Under, is an exploration of femininity and potency that contrasts modern day male facial hair with female pubic styles.

Visitors are encouraged to try on new beardstyles inspired by Nick Cave, Ned Kelly and the Australian cricket team of the 1980’s.”

The work “Beards Down Under” was a response to the phenomena of private/pubic styling in the modern day.

In Australia, the “Map of Tasmania” can be a euphemism for a woman’s pubic triangle. Tasmania, the Australian state, has hectares of Heritage-listed old growth forest.

This is the imagined advertising copy for this pubic style; “Across the tempestuous Bass Strait is a land of wild untamed delights, thick with virgin forest. The spirit of Tasmania is one of freedom, relaxation and pleasures untrammelled by modern day rules and restrictions. 
Take a look at the map of Tasmania before it’s too late to stop the wanton destruction. 
Tasmania is the Natural State. Don’t let it become a treeless wasteland. 
Say NO to deforestation.”

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