Pre Oral Exams Installation

tailgate, wolf, dog, tree stump, Bloomington, IU, Indiana University, Indiana
Ceramic Wolf Head sculpture with isolated sounds of College Students Tailgating 

3 responses to “Pre Oral Exams Installation”

  1. Oh my gosh- these are so breathtaking, and not anything like what I was expecting! All that tailgate partying was bound to creep in at some point!

  2. I am so proud of you. These look amazing, as your work always does. I feel so incredibly lucky to have been able to work near you… you are a talent, a gem, a real beauty.
    did you know I have my wee beetle in china!!!!
    love love love

    1. You are in China! You are a wonderful jetsetter…I hope young Senor is in capable hands (or flew over)! I miss your wonderful giggles and terrific company, what a fantastic time we had in Halifax. If you are back in Canadia/North Hemisphere any time soon let me know…I will perhaps be travelling via somewhere in May when I fly back to Aus (probably permanently!). Your jewels are fabulous, I check them out every now and then, and will be ordering something of my own from Etsy one of these days…

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