“This Charming Man”

This Charming Man is an exhibition of functional ceramic vessels, including whisky, wine, coffee and tea cups, as well as experimental sculptural work investigating the complexities of an overwhelmingly ‘masculine’ sports culture within Australia.

Artist Katie Jacobs has contrasted traits typically valued within sports, such as “Hard” or “Tough”, with sentiments such as “Fallible” or “Gentle”, which she thinks are equally as manly. These are inscribed on ceramic trophies and garden planters. Some trophies list hyper-specific achievements, like “Adept With Power Tools”, or “Awesome at Sleeping”.

Jacobs has also hand-made tributes to mass-produced “World’s Greatest Dad” or “Gone Fishing” mugs, as well as a series of tasteful whisky and wine tumblers.

This Charming Man is on display at Corner Store Merchants, an amazing store with its very own gallery at 220 Barker Street, Castlemaine, 3450, Victoria. Corner Store Merchants is open Tuesday to Friday 10am – 5pm, Saturday 10am -4pm. Up until September 23rd.

This Charming Man, Katie Jacobs Exhibition Promo Shot 2016


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