Fake Nail Earrings 2010

fake nails, false nails, earrings, pink, glamour, glamor, insert coin here, craft victoria, kim brockett, nella themelios

Done for “Insert Coin Here”, an art vending machine project by Nella Themelios and Kim Brockett of Craft Victoria.
I love the tackery and plastickery of fake nails, the shininess and ideas about “feminine” glamour. Of course I could never get fake nails because I actually use my hands, and it’d be awful for my ceramic work.

My artist statement for this one: “Fake nails have always freaked me out. They can cross the line between attractive and scary, and I am in turns fascinated and repulsed by those ones that look like animal talons. Being repulsed is always good for art! For enhancing your boring ugly pathetic useless fingers, you can get diamantes, spray painted hibiscus, nail charms, piercings and a blog user called Michael says, “there are now professional-grade fake nails for children, specifically 3-7 year olds! Before you jump the gun and say that it’s “over-sexualizing” young girls, please keep in mind that in Japan these things are cute, and they simply don’t see it that way. Besides, I’ve seen blush for babies to give them that rosy-red-cheek look.”[1] Wow. You sold me. I’m going out right now to get a 3 year old so I have something to put my fake nails on.

1. http://www.japantrends.com/bambina-fake-nails-for-japanese-3-year-olds/”

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