Power House Choir 2 Anthony

power house, natimuk, nati frinj, wimmera, acdc, high voltage, angus young, the space that binds us, alison eggleton, kasia lynch, rosa tato, trevor flinn

Interviewer to Bon Scott: “Are you AC or DC?”

Bon Scott: “I’m the lightening bolt in the middle.”

A love of craft and active social ritual drives me. When I was young, I enjoyed the repeated and formative experience of choir rehearsals, while befriending people between singing times. For this project I engineered a situation where I could get to know the inhabitants of Natimuk through a similar bonding experience.

My first visit to the old power station coincided with reading about Horace Woolmer and his choice of alternate current to power the town of Natimuk. This stimulated thoughts of the band AC/DC, with their power-themed songs.

Often, when women featured in music, it was in a fairly rudimentary sense during AC/DC’s heyday. I wanted to explore the dynamics of this by having an all-women choir. “The Power House Choir” involves local participants who are bold, inspiring and not afraid to take on new challenges. I would like to thank the dedicated participants for contributing such energy, enthusiasm and dynamic dance moves to this performance.

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