2011 Memento Mori Pendant

bones, collarbone, vertebra, vertebrae, porcelain, silver, jewellery, Pieces of Eight, Gallery, Memento Mori, skeleton, body image, mortality

“I’ve never broken a bone, perhaps because I haven’t taken many risks in a bodily regard. I have a sensible respect for heights and for sports regarding balance, choosing to stay far away from skateboarding, ice-skating and skiing.

This neckpiece is made from human bones, cast from those of a skeleton my father required for his studies in the 1970’s. He bought it from an older student and all I know about this skeleton is that it was a woman and that the newspaper I found lining its bag is from the Bendigo Advertiser 1936.

Recently, a friend and I respectfully and reverentially tried to arrange these particular bones as how they once were, in an effort to try to understand the massive concept of the human skeleton. But I still don’t.”

Message to the owner:
“This is a memento mori, an art tradition to remind you of mortality. Specifically I think it is important to be grateful for your physical body whatever it looks like. The bones are cast from a human skeleton and are the collarbone and vertebra, designed to be worn over your actual collarbones. I think collarbones are beautiful and it fascinates me to have these, and other bones working within my body, beneath my skin…bones might be the unsung heroes of the body, and we all have beautiful skeletons.”

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