Dogs of the West Village

Some of the Dogs of the West Village I sculpted. A lot of these dogs require the final step of glazing, as I was under a three-week time constraint and the final glaze firing couldn’t happen before I left New York. So, with the help of a kind friend who was visiting, I packed 18-ish dogs into a large suitcase and hauled them back to Bloomington with me where I will complete the sculptures! More images to come, and the overall exhibition was great, my roommates from New York came on opening night, as did many of the dog owners and the Greenwich  House Pottery community.

4 thoughts on “Dogs of the West Village

    • The size is generally about 15 (l) X 10 (h) X 7cm (d), or at least the pug is. I did think of young Taco the pug I must say! The ceramic pug is with Derek Weisberg, one of the technicians (and an awesome artist too) at Greenwich House Pottery.

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