Interview – Art Swank on Main FM

Here is a brief and fun interview I did about the work of “This Charming Man” with the delightful Suzanne and Frank of Artswank, the Sunday morning Arts program on Main FM.

I’m first up, about 3 minutes in.¬†2-katie-jacobs-no-such-thing-as-social-sport-2

Dogs in Progress

I wish these colors were going to turn out like this!

ceramic, clay, dog, color, colour, big, sculpture

Dogs in Progress

Photo 29

Sadly it is food colouring so I know where I’m painting/blending my glazes…but I may have to invent some bright colours for new work seeing this! Light will shine from their eyes, perhaps in a tribute to the Trojan Dog¬†sculpture from my old stomping ground near Fairfield Station.