2014 MFA Exhibition

I am a ceramicist/artist/designer from Melbourne, Australia. I am inspired by various obsessions with popular culture, iconography and the Australian identity. In my artwork, I investigate the creation of cultural, national and social identity through the broad use of the narrative.

Presently, my sculptures use human-sized ceramic animal heads combined with found objects to examine cultural identity rituals and symbols. I am inspired by the social aspects of sport – specifically observation of others tailgating in Bloomington and the experience I’ve lived as an off-again, on-again sports fan in Melbourne, Australia. The active social rituals of sport are what draw me to it, beyond a basic admiration and identification with the sports team. I interpret a devotional experience of human bonding in repetitive community rituals like barbecuing, drinking, attending games, singing team songs and discussing tactics post-match.

The sounds emanating from the sculpture Wolf Head were recorded during an American Football tailgating event. These sounds are human, creating an analogy between animals howling to locate themselves or communicate with others and humans expressing pleasure through their communication with each other. The ambiguity between these sounds of joy and a sound of loneliness or fear is a site for exploration in my work.

3 responses to “2014 MFA Exhibition”

  1. Great to see more pics Katie. Your exhibit (is this the terminology) looks amazing. Love the footy connection. Perhaps a ceramic version of Captain Carlton is next. Yikes!! Hope to see you when you’re visiting. That’s soon, right?

  2. Congrats on another wonderful exhibition. Love your current work, ‘specially
    the Bulldog and the Magpie, can just imagine them at Bennett Pde. Look forward to seeing more of your work and you very soon. xxx

  3. A crime if these babies don’t end up in the president’s dining room at the G. Huge congratulations xxxx

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